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h1. New jobsub ini variablew by release

Explanation of this file: A list of entries of the form

jobsub_tools release
jobsub server release

For example, starting in jobsub_tools release v1_3_0, the configuration variable 'voms' is introduced to the jobsub.ini file. Clicking on the link [[voms]] brings you to a definition of the variables behavior in the jobsub.ini file

jobsub_tools v1_2_t
jobsub_server v0.1.1
[[command_path_root]] = /scratch/uploads
[[dropbox_path_root]] = /scratch/dropbox
[[wn_ifdh_location]] = '/grid/fermiapp/products/common/etc/ /fnal/ups/etc/ /cvmfs/'
[[default_grid_site]] = "Fermigrid"

jobsub_tools v1_3_0
jobsub server v0.2.1

[[voms]] = (some voms server)

jobsub_tools v1_3_1_1
jobsub_server v0.3.1
[[max_jobsub_log_size]] = 5000000
[[transfer_krbcc_to_job]] = True

jobsub_tools v1_3_1_1_2
[[set_up_ifdh]] = True

jobsub_tools v1_3_1_2
jobsub_server v0.4.1

jobsub_tools v1_3_1_3

jobsub_server v1.0