Jobsub max joblog head size
Jobsub max joblog tail size
Jobsub max joblog size

from issue #7072

We already have max out/err filesize configuration parameter in jobsub.ini


We need to add head and tail to it for example:

jobsub_max_joblog_head_size & jobsub_max_joblog_tail_size.

Precedence should be something like this ...

  • If head or tail (but not both) is configured and total size is configured, derive the other other. i.e head and total configured, calculate tail
  • If all three, head, tail and total is configured, head & tail take precedence and total is ignored.
  • If total is configured and neither head nor tail is configured, assume head 1MB and tail 4MB (Based on the default total of 5MB)

Currently, request is as follows. Although Minerva mentioned 5MB head for the initial env, it is way more than the space env would take. We should be able to satisfy them with 5MB total.

  • Experiment Head Tail
  • Minos 4MB 1MB
  • Minerva 5MB 5MB