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Version 1 (Dennis Box, 06/09/2014 12:24 PM) → Version 2/9 (Dennis Box, 06/02/2015 05:05 PM)

h1. Fifebatch Fifebatch1 info

covers: jobsub v0.2.1, client and server. Server address is and is served by installed on and as of 6/2/15

h3. Steering jobs with --resource-provides

* This information is specific to SERVER as of April 2014
** all slots on fifebatch1 and fifebatch2 are grid slots, there are no local batch. The -g flag is on by default
** steering to quota slots, opportunistic slots, offsite, fermigrid and amazon is supported using --resource-provides. The --opportunistic flag has no effect on this server other than to spit out a warning. fifebatch1


for Amazon


Quota'ed slots on fermigrid


Opportunistic slots on fermigrid




for OSG sites