Fifebatch info

covers: jobsub v1.1.6, client and server. Server address is and is served by and

Steering jobs with --resource-provides

  • This information is specific to SERVER
    • all slots on fifebatch1 and fifebatch2 are grid slots, there are no local batch. The -g flag is on by default
    • steering to quota slots, opportunistic slots, offsite, fermigrid and amazon is supported using --resource-provides. The --opportunistic flag has no effect on this server other than to spit out a warning.
  • Quota'ed slots on fermigrid
    • --resource-provides=usage_model=DEDICATED
  • Opportunistic slots on fermigrid
    • --resource-provides=usage_model=OPPORTUNISTIC
  • for OSG sites
    • --resource-provides=usage_model=OFFSITE
    • should provide a --site directive as well
    • to query what sites are supported at any given time see Jobsub_status

Querying what values of --resource-provides are configured

  • to see what values are configured into the jobsub server submit a bogus value and read the error that results :
    • $jobsub_submit --group nova --resource-provides usage_model=AN_OBVIOUSLY_WRONG_ENTRY file://$HOME/
    • RESPONSE ERROR: illegal --resource-provides value: AN_OBVIOUSLY_WRONG_ENTRY for option: usage_model is not supported on according to your config file /opt/jobsub/server/conf/jobsub.ini. Legal values are:FERMICLOUD_PRIV1,FERMICLOUD_PRIV,FERMICLOUD_PP_PRIV1,FERMICLOUD_PP_PRIV,FERMICLOUD_PP,FERMICLOUD,OFFSITE,PAID_CLOUD,DEDICATED,OPPORTUNISTIC,SLOTTEST,PAID_CLOUD_TEST