April 21 2015

  • Present:

    Vito Di Benedetto,
    Joe Boyd,
    Dennis Box,
    Paola Buitrago,
    Qiulan Huang,
    Tanya Levshina,
    Anna Mazzacane,
    Mike Kirby,
    Willis Sakumoto,
    Jeny Teherani

  • Agenda: Status of v1.1.1 upgrade scheduled for today
    • Neha is waiting for v1.1.1 rpm to be put in production repostitory. There was a miscommunication about who is supposed to do what, will attend to this after the meeting.
    • Learned later:
      • ssh jobsub@web1
      • cd /var/www/html/files/jobsub/prod/6/x86_64
      • cp /var/www/html/files/jobsub/dev/6/x86_64/jobsub-1.1.1-1.noarch.rpm .
      • ./createrepo .
    • Possible action Item: document these steps in jobsub wiki?
    • Jeny was able to get Nova production scripts to work with service proxies after some script editing. She is working on migration to jobsub_client/fifebatch.
    • Anna is meeting with other Nova people to get a to signoff on moving production scripts
    • Paolo was able to get Minos production working. They plan to move MINOS production to fifebatch immediately after upgrade.
    • Willis is happy with the improvements in v1.1.1 wants to move to production immediately.
    • Jeny has a concern about the regeneration of service proxies, which is currently done with a cron job on gpsn01.
      • One sticking point is where is an acceptable place to put doe cert/key pair.
      • Solving this is (I claim) an operation detail not in the scope of the jobsub development project.
  • Action Items:
    • Some present did not know where the release notes lived. Send out location to attendees.
    • There is no written recipe for using jobsub_q to see who submitted jobs and from which node.
      • Document this in wiki and send out a link.
    • Anna still has concerns about using shared accounts for traceability, Marc Mengel and Robert Illingworth have suggested some workarounds .
      • Go talk to them to get details.