An example of setting PYTHONPATH

  • The PYTHONPATH environment variable must point to the directory that contains the,, etc commands described below. UPS/UPD will set this automatically, if you obtain the pre-built client tarball or obtain it from git you have to set this manually.
    An example of checking and setting PYTHONPATH manually:
    [dbox@fermicloud326 jobsub]$ echo $PYTHONPATH
    [dbox@fermicloud326 jobsub]$ ls
    client  doc           lib          packaging  test
    config  jobsub_tools  LICENSE.txt  server     ups_jobsub_client
    [dbox@fermicloud326 jobsub]$ ls client/
    ca-bundle.crt                       requirements.txt   
    [dbox@fermicloud326 jobsub]$ export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`/client
    [dbox@fermicloud326 jobsub]$ echo $PYTHONPATH