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06/06/2014 Dennis Box Testing Feature #5907: Limit the size of output/error that users jobs bring back in jobsub_tools v1_3_1 3.00
03/04/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #5500: rpm spec for 0.1.4 doesn't know about dropbox directories found the problem, will be fixed in 1.4.2 rpm coming out shortly 3.00
05/21/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6279: jobsub_q should print output with jobsub jobid instead of the condor jobid fixed in branch 6280_6261, merged into master_ha 3.00
06/02/2014 Dennis Box Testing Feature #6260: Client commands should generate x509 credentials from kerberos ticket every time if possible resolved in v0.3.1.rc1 3.00
05/28/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6354: Possible race condition in proxy creation on the server side in branch 6261_6354 3.00
06/06/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6314: problem with dag generation more of a question than a software bug, redesign of DAG solved problem 3.00
06/24/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6429: incorrect version number for branch 6429. version string now set by when client tarball and rpms created 3.00
08/22/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6660: failure to authenticate leaves garbage files in .security directory checked into wrong branch ( 6789 ) but merged into master marking ticket resolved 3.00
06/17/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6511: uses timestamp to check age of kerberos ticket, which is not reliable 4.00
06/27/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6573: identify unimplemented and undocumented apis in branch with same name as issue number 4.00
07/02/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6375: unhelpful NON error message from in branch with same name as issue number 5.00
07/18/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6571: jobsub_client clobbers python version in branch with same name as issue number 5.00
07/18/2014 Dennis Box Testing Feature #6541: Sending KRBCC to the jobs in branch with same name as issue number 6.00
05/23/2014 Dennis Box Testing Feature #5759: Test every functionality for JobSub in HA mode 8.00
06/26/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6523: various problems with answered Willis' question, resolved bug causing his problem with #6561 12.00
02/04/2014 Dennis Box Deployment Support #5284: Documentation changes when we release 0.1.3 see 2.00
06/17/2014 Dennis Box Administration Bug #6425: Changes for jobsub.ini checked into branch 6425 0.25
06/18/2014 Dennis Box Administration Bug #6512: -G group bug code in branch 6512 1.00
06/18/2014 Dennis Box Administration Feature #6517: add --user flag to all changes in branch 6517 1.00
03/04/2014 Dennis Box Administration Support #5501: document jobsub.ini parameters see 2.00
01/09/2014 Dennis Box Development Feature #5075: Create Proxy refresh tool for the server forgot to ad to TODO 0.00
06/17/2014 Dennis Box Development Bug #6489: typo in exception handling in branch 6489 0.25
05/08/2014 Dennis Box Development Bug #6193: isn't documented and is hardcoded for Analysis role only fixed in branch 6193, see 2.00
05/28/2014 Dennis Box Development Bug #6261: Server authentication should not recreate user keytabs. This causes problem when a index roll over happens in branch 6261_6354 3.00
05/23/2014 Dennis Box Development Bug #5901: --force=cpn considered harmful resolved with v1_3_0 3.00
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