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Hours: 31.00

Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
05/23/2014 Dennis Box Testing Feature #5759: Test every functionality for JobSub in HA mode 8.00
05/21/2014 Dennis Box Testing Bug #6279: jobsub_q should print output with jobsub jobid instead of the condor jobid fixed in branch 6280_6261, merged into master_ha 3.00
05/08/2014 Dennis Box Development Milestone #6027: Improve output sandbox handling with fetchlog in client and server all subtasks complete 6.00
05/08/2014 Dennis Box Development Feature #6029: Modify the JobSub client tools jobsub_q, jobsub_history, jobsub_fetchlogs to properly handle HA setup resolved in branch 6029_condor_q 10.00
05/08/2014 Dennis Box Development Feature #5533: Fetchlog should accept output directory option to auto unzip the fetched log files fixed in branch 5533 4.00

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