Provisioning Virtual Machines for Slitless Spectroscopy

Things needed to run the pipeline

We are basing our virtual machines on Scientific Linux Fermi (SLF) version 5.4, which is current as of the time of this writing (10 June 2010)* See also the CET group cloud wiki for a description of our needs.

  1. Astrotools, which currently is available through UPD (and which thus requires UPD and UPS on the virtual machine). We want to move to using ups_lite (relocatable ups) instead.
    <> ups depend astrotools
    astrotools v5_24 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db -g current
    |__fslalib v2_1_2b -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |__slalib v2_1_2b -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |__sdssmath v5_18 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |__dervish v8_21 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |__fpgplot v5_2_2 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |  |__pgplot v5_2_2 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |__sdsstools v4_30 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |__ftcl v3_6_1 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |  |__tclx v7_4adfa_3 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |     |__tk v4_0dfa -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |        |__tcl v7_4dfa -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |__libfits v2_5_2 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |__fsao v3_14a -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |  |__xpa v2_1_6 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db -g current
    |  |__lapack v3_0_2 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |__slatec v0_9b -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |  |__fftw v1_6 -f Linux -z /sdss/ups/db
    |__specialStripes v1_3 -f NULL -z /sdss/ups/db
  2. Python 2.6

Things needed to develop code

In addition to the requirements for running the pipeline (which must be possible on the development platform), we also need:
  1. gcc compiler suite, including C++, C and Fortran compilers.
    • gcc reports version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46) as the system compiler. This is not actually an official GCC release; it is a version of the 4.1 branch of GCC with many later fixes back-ported to it.

Things needed for interactive use during development

These items are not really part of the //development// environment, but they are tool used for interactive computing and are convenient to have while doing development. We won't have them on our very first deployment, which only needs to run the slitless spectroscopy workflow.

  1. pine
  2. lynx