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h1. ASTA/IOTA Project at Fermilab


h2. Overview and Design

* "Official ASTA/IOTA Webpage":

h3. Important Documents

* "ASTA Proposal":, March 2013
* "MADX Lattice with 3 Options":

h2. Proton Injection into IOTA

* Eric Prebys' "HINS->IOTA webpage":
** Includes information on running "Synergia":

h2. Meetings, Reviews, Workshops

h3. Regular Meetings

_(Note: _test_

because of a bug in the Indico search function, the most recent meeting(s) might not be displayed. If that happens, try the Indico "View->Calendar function":


"IOTA/ASTA Department Meetings":

"IOTA Design Meetings":

"Protons->IOTA Meetings":

h3. Users' Meetings

* "IOTA User's Workshop": April 28-29, 2015, "Fermilab":
* "2nd ASTA Users' Meeting": June 9-10, 2014, "Fermilab":
* "1st ASTA Users' Meeting": July 23-24, 2013, "Fermilab":

h3. Reviews

* "IOTA Review":, February 23, 2012, "Fermilab":