Proposing an experiment at IOTA/FAST

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IOTA/FAST Scientific Committee (ISC)
Giulio Stancari (chair) 630-840-3934
Dan Broemmelsiek 630-840-4124
Alexander Valishev 630-840-2875


Run 3 (tentatively scheduled for Sep-Dec 2020)

Proposals are welcome. Below is a tentative list of experiments that are expected to submit proposals.


  • Preliminary studies for optical stochastic cooling experiment
  • Optical stochastic cooling demonstration
  • Octupole studies in preparation for nonlinear integrable schemes based on symplectic integrators
  • Effect of octupole channel on instability thresholds
  • Interferometry of undulator radiation from single electrons

FAST Linac

Run 2a (Nov 27, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019) and Run 2b (Feb 17, 2020 - Mar 21, 2020)


ID Acronym Title Spokesperson LOI (optional) Proposal Presentation Status
I-201 NL-OMC Nonlinear Optics Measurements and Correction in the IOTA Ring M. Hofer (CERN) PDF PDF slides approved
I-203 IBS_Study Study of Intrabeam Scattering V. Lebedev (FNAL) no PDF slides approved
I-204 NIO Nonlinear Integrable Optics in Run 2 A. Valishev (FNAL) no PDF slides approved
I-205 AMPUR Angular Measurement of Photons from Undulator Radiation in IOTA’s Single Electron Mode E. Angelico (UChicago) no PDF slides approved
I-206 URSSE Measurement of Spontaneous Undulator Radiation Statistics Generated by a Single Electron S. Nagaitsev (FNAL/UChicago) no PDF slides approved
I-208 SI Quasi-integrable systems based on symplectic integrators S. Baturin (NIU) no PDF slides rejected
I-209 FUR Fluctuations in undulator radiation I. Lobach (UChicago) no PDF slides approved
I-210 NIOLD Instability thresholds and integrable optics N. Eddy (FNAL) PDF1 PDF2 PDF slides approved

FAST linac

ID Acronym Title Spokesperson LOI (optional) Proposal Presentation Status
I-202 LRW/SRW Investigations of Long-range and Short-range Wakefield Effects on Beam Dynamics in TESLA-type Superconducting Cavities A. Lumpkin (FNAL) yes PDF slides approved
I-207 MagBeam Generation, Transport and Diagnostics of High-charge Magnetized Beams P. Piot (NIU/ANL) yes PDF slides approved

Run 1 (Aug 2018 - Apr 2019)


  • Nonlinear integrable optics with octupole channel
  • Landau damping and nonlinear integrable optics
  • Nonlinear integrable optics with nonlinear Danilov-Nagaitsev magnet
  • Lattices and diagnostics for optical stochastic cooling
  • Detection of edge-radiation interference
  • Nonlinear beam decoherence
  • Single-electron phase-space tomography
  • Fluctuations in undulator radiation

FAST linac

  • High-charge magnetized beams
  • Higher-order-mode (HOM) measurements in FAST linac cryomodule
  • Short-range wakefield effects in TESLA-type superconducting rf cavities