Work List for gpsn02

Reprovision of gpcf027 into gpsn02, new local batch and grid submission node.

  • clean install of SLF 5 (5.4 preferred)
  • create user condor uid=4716
  • install condor 7.4.2 rpm (should be owned by condor)
  • install apache
    • user gfactory needs to be able to serve files through apache
      • create a soft link from somewhere in htdocs area to /home/gfactory/www (see gpcf026 for details)
  • soft link of /opt/condor-7.4.2 to /opt/condor
  • install users gfactory uid=43680, gfrontend uid=43598, grid uid=4287
  • install rrdtool, python-rrdtool rpms
  • bluearc mounts: /grid/app , /grid/data, /lbne/app , /lbne/data, /nova/app, /nova/data, /minerva/app, /minerva/data, /minos/app, /minos/data, /nusoft/app, /nusoft/data
  • permissions: installer/operator (dbox) needs:
    • to be in condor group
    • to have sudo on all the /opt/condor/bin and /opt/condor/sbin commands
    • to have sudo on /etc/init.d/condor and /etc/init.d/apache
    • to be in gfactory .k5login
    • to be in gfrontend .k5login
    • to be in grid .k5login
    • to be able to write to /etc/grid-security directory (this can be turned off after install complete)