Getting registered in VOMS

You will be registered in VOMS when your account is established on a GPCF interactive system.
If you need to be registered manually, then submit a ticket :

  • Register with your Grid Virtual Organization
      • go to and follow the instructions there
        • You will fill out a form, then receive an email to which you must respond.
        • You must have a fermilab KCA cert loaded into your browser before you go to the above web site.
          • If you don't it will act strangely and may appear to be broken.
          • more information Fermilab KCA certs can be found at Fermilab Security KCA
      • Wait for notification by email that this has been completed, which usually takes one working day.
        Once this step is complete, proceed with step 2 below.
      • Open a service desk ticket requesting a 'robot cert for gpsn01'
      • ( log in with your services password )
        • Service Catalog
          • (General Requests)
            • Create a New Scientific Computing Request
              • Experiment: select
              • Category: Batch Submission
      • or send email to
        Fermigrid Support :
        Please register my gpsn01 grid robot cert for use in experiment ...
      • Wait for email confirming that the robot cert registration is complete before proceeding with the rest of these steps. This is usually done within one working day.