User Questions

Help! Something doesn't work like I think it should!

  • Open a service desk ticket at
    • Select 'Service Catalog' then under under Scientific Computing select
      • I'm having a problem with Scientific Computing - if something that once worked is broken
      • Create a New Scientific Computing Request - if you want something new
        You can comment on tickets and communicate with experts regarding the problem by responding to emails from "Fermilab Service Desk" that are associated with your ticket. (They will have subject lines that look like "Incident INC000000nnnnn -- <problem description>".) You can also track, comment, and search for tickets by logging onto the Fermilab Service Desk site ( using your services account username and password.

I submitted a bunch of jobs, they exited immediately. What went wrong?

  • when you set up your condor environment using,, or setup_(someExperiment), you created environment variables $CONDOR_TMP and $CONDOR_EXEC. Change directories to $CONDOR_TMP, do an ls -lart. There should be a bunch of files ending in .log, .out, and .err. The .err files are the most useful for debugging these kind of problems, everything that went to stderr on your job execution is in these files. The .out files contain everything that went to stdout and are also a good place to look for clues.

where is ups/upd for my experiment?

  • to use ups
    • source /grid/fermiapp/products/(your_experiment)/etc/setups.(c)sh (this works on fermigrid nodes as well as local)
    • setup (whatever software you want to use) i.e. setup jobsub_tools; setup ifdhc; setup root and they are in your PATH with libraries in LD_LIBRARY_PATH

I am a LBNE VO user. How do I register for the VO?

I need a version of a package that is not in the ups setup. How can I get this installed?

  • Open a problem ticket by sending a mail to [minerva|nova|ifront]-. Specify the package and version you need, and which experiment for which you need it.

How can I log into a Fermilab kerberized machine from my non-kerberized Windows system ?

My cronjob fails with the message "permission denied". What's going on?

  • To access /afs you need a token. To get this you need to use kcron, like this:
     35 11 * * *  /usr/krb5/bin/kcron your.script
  • You must run "kcroninit" (/usr/krb5/bin/kcroninit) once on each node where you will use kcron
  • You can test that kcron is working interactively.