Project Task List

These are not prioritized.
They will be transformed into redmine 'Issues', moved about on the redmin calendar and prioritized in the redmine gantt chart.

  • Jobsub
    • DONE!! integrate gridFTP Feature #2572
    • support for tarballs Feature #2573
    • phase out minos_jobsub, nova_jobsub et al Support #2574 Support #2575 Support #2576
    • DONE!! make a useful test suite Feature #2577
      • DONE!! unit tests Feature #2579
      • DONE!! functional tests Feature #2578
    • better syntax error checking
      • check for existence of files directories proxies etc Feature #2581
      • should be part of test suite
      • DONE!! get rid of 'lie about gcc' Bug #2582
      • dont like --opportunistic vs regular should specify --have bluearc mounts for example Feature #2583
      • DONE!! package into KITS Feature #2571
      • DONE!! move examples out of dboxs home directory into package, update documentation Support #2584
  • Kproxy reunification Support #2580
    • DONE!! should be part of same package as jobsub
  • Gpsn01 upgrades
    • improve and better document gpsn01/minos condor/glideinWMS backups #2589
      • config files
      • cdf has theirs in cdfkits, IF has condor/some gWMs in subversion
      • need INI files, they (probably) aren't backed up right now
      • accounting group config files for CDF aren't backed up properly
  • figure out why 7.6.6 upgrade causes held jobs Bug #2588
  • move glideinWMS to separate virtual machine upgrade to 2_5_5 #2585
  • fix accounting_group priorities Bug #2586
    • give selected users way to edit condor priorities #2587
  • Integrate SAM file handling into Dag Generator Feature #2590

Longer term plans

  • combine namgrid, cdfgrid (and gpcf?)
  • make cafsubmit and jobsub wrappers to submission system
    • can make jobsub client/server like cafsubmit
      • need special principals for IF
  • backup status files from RRDs
    • if we lose these the history is messed up
      • Joe is backing these up with rsyncs right now
      • Should we use Marc's system instead? Stephan thinks so.
  • Certificate renewal
    • We will open a SNOW ticket to list all the certs, assigned to Mike W.
    • Dennis and Joe will edit ticket to add what they know.

Q and A - not tasks per se but may generate some

  • Why do users have to log in to head node?
    • they need to set up kproxy cron job
    • they need to ssh to head node to condor_submit
  • Is Minos-style kcron proxy refreshing better than CDF-style special principal driven refreshing?
    • need a better defininition of 'better'
    • need a special exemption from security to do CDF-style principle/proxies
    • compromising root on IF submission node and compromising 'cdfcaf' on CDF head node are essentially the same security risk (in our opinion)