Installing GlideinWMS 2 4 on gpcf virtual nodes using the ini file installer

  • Objective is to install VDT and glideinWMS 2_4_x with as little 'install as root' as possible
  • open a service desk ticket requesting 3 virtual nodes
    • gpsn01 will be submit node, user grid will own vdt user condor will own condor
    • sngpvm01 will be factory node, grid owns vdt, gfactory owns factory glideinWMS installation
    • sngpvm02 will be frontend node, grid owns vdt, gfrontend owns frontend gWMS installation


INCIDENT INC000000051141 has been created



URGENCY: 3-Medium

SUMMARY: FEF: please create 3 SL5 nodes

NOTES: Please create the 3 following SL5 nodes in the gpcf cluster:


please create account dbox on these nodes.
please create the following accounts on these nodes, and put dbox in the .k5login for them:

create account and group condor, put dbox, gfrontend, and gfactory in condor group.


  • Things I forgot in this service desk ticket:
    • bluearc mounts
    • rrdtool-python rpm
    • these were taken care of with later requests to FEF
  • Weigand has found that the installation needs to be done in this order:
    • wmscollector,
    • factory,
    • usercollector,
    • submit,
    • vofrontend
  • add vdt on all 3 nodes USING UNIX USER 'grid'
  • supposedly the gWMS installer can do this step, but if it cant find the certs it wants it refuses to go on. I use VDT to request certs so I did this first.
  • now request some certs
  • on sngpvm01 (for example)
    • ssh gfactory@sngpvm01
    • mkdir cert_request; cd cert_request
    • . /home/grid/vdt/
    • cert-request --ou s --name "Dennis Box" --host --email --vo fnal --affiliation fnal --reason "host cert for sngpvm01" --phone 630-840-3145 --agree
    • this will create some files in the cert_request directory, you will receive email with instructions on what to do. The default area for the certs to land is $HOME/.globus/hostcert.pem and hostkey.pem . As these are a virtual box test installation this seems ok to me.
  • download and install apache in gfactory home area on shspvm01, I used port 8080
  • download javascriptrrd and M2Crypto, put the tarballs in /home/gfactory/tarballs
  • now follow instructions in Weigands document to download glideinWMS branch with ini installer
  • edit glideinWMS/install/glideinWMS.ini with your best guesses for installation using the above link for advice.
    • I found that even if you are installing the WMSCollector, bad values in the factory section would make things crap out
    • here is the glideinWMS.ini that I was able to install the WMS Collector and then the factory with on sngpvm01: glideinWMS.ini attempt 1
  • problems I ran into so far:
    • even though you tell it install_vdt_client = n it still craps out if you don't tell it where to install vdt and where to install pacman (in case you change your mind?)
    • you have to tell it this in every section even though it appears to only be in the [Tools] section in the example file in cvs
    • I also had to install rrdtool manually to get it to proceed even though it looks like it should install it for you, it asks where the tarball is
  • have to add this stanza go gfactory glideinWMS.xml
             <frontend name="frontend" identity="">
                   <security_class name="frontend" username="gfactory"/>
  • here is the glideinWMS.ini file that I was use to install all the components glideinWMS.ini attepmt 2