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Getting registered for computer access at FERMILAB

  • First get a User ID and username.
  • Then get an FNALU account, to establish your login directory.
  • Then get an account on the computer systems you will be accessing.
    • Getting a username sets you up for access to the Servicedesk, email and Redmine
    • It does not get you any computer accounts.
You use the same username everywhere at Fermilab for computer access :
  • Via Kerberos ( user principal )
    • computer interactive logins
    • batch job submissions
    • Storage systems ( FTP servers, DCache )
  • Via LDAP ( services account )
    • Service Desk
    • Redmine wiki
    • ECL ( Experiment Collaboration Logbook )
    • IMAP/Exchange email service
    • KRONOS timesheet ( Fermilab Employees )
  • Via OSG X509 SSL certificate
    • various web pages, including the DocDB document system

Getting a User ID and username

  • If are a visitor and you will be starting offsite, please do the following:

    Fill out the offsite ID/account request form

    This will get you computer accounts and an ID number but not a physical badge.  It is useful to do this even if you intend a physical visit to the lab later.
  • If you are onsite already, to request the necessary accounts, you will need to first obtain a "Services" account. For new Fermilab employees this request is made by their supervisor. Check with your supervisor for your username and password.
  • If you do not have a Fermilab user ID (see above for offsite), fill out the Visitor ID request form . Remember to get spokesperson's approval! The Users Office(Wilson Hall, atrium level, Northwest, 630-840-3111) will process the form and obtain the Services account for you.
  • Note from Heidi Schellman as of 7/31/2012 - Users office did NOT do the services account for some users - someone with a services account has to do it. That person needs to know the badge number for the new person and a spokesperson, and the spokes person's phone number and should specify in the comments section if they you an FNAL email account or to have mail forwarded to another (specified) account. Otherwise the poor spokes has to figure all that out.

You will be given services password, a kerberos principal and a Fermilab email account (if requested) on approval of this form. You will need to call the servicedesk at (630) 840-2345 or go downstairs to get your services and kerberos passwords.

Apply for an FNALU account

This is so that you will have a login directory. You will not need to login to FNALU.
If you already have an /afs/ login area at Fermilab, you can skip this.

  • Log into the Service Desk using your Services password.
  • Click on 'Service Catalog' in the left frame.
  • Click on 'Request FNALU Account'

Request an interactive account on your experiment's servers

  • Log into the Service Desk using your Services password.
  • Click on 'Service Catalog' in the left frame.
  • Click on 'Affiliation\Experiment Computing Account Request'
    • Use the 'Select Affiliation/Experiment' dropdown menu
    • If your experiment or project is not listed, request this through 'Create a New Scientific Computing Request'

See the introduction to GPCF Batch Computing