Central Web areas

Automated sources of web information, such as
  • monitoring,
  • software build documentation,
  • experiment application validation,
  • and etc.

can be run under "group accounts" and the output placed on web served areas on central BlueArc disk.

Here are some details:

  1. The main area for this web information is at /nusoft/app/web/htdoc.
  2. Under this area are sub areas for each experiment, and other monitoring activities.
  3. Each experiment's "root" area is owned by an account <experiment-name> in group <experiment-name>.
  4. Sub areas to each experiment can be created by the experiment's web-admins, authorized by having their principals in the group account .k5login.
  5. To create such sub-directories, temporally chmod the experiment's "root" area to 777, add the sub-directory with appropriate owner:<experiment>, then change the exp root permissions back to 755.

These areas are visible on the web at;experiment&gt;/&lt;exp-subareas&gt;. We will put links to the experiment sub areas in the index file.