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Lee Lueking, 06/19/2012 03:06 PM

Adding users

The following commands can be used to add user accounts (authorized accounts in "()"). Users MUST have existing /afs home areas.

- LaRRanD:add_larrand_user (bloer,dbox,lueking,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- LBNE: add_lbne_user (trj,dbox,lueking,echurch,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- MicroBooNE: add_microboone_user (brebel,dbox,lueking,echurch,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- MiniBooNE: add_e898_user (polly,dbox,lueking,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- Mu2e: add_mu2e_user (kutschke,dbox,lueking,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- NOvA: add_nova_user (msanchez,dbox,lueking,brebel,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- MINERvA: add_e938_user (schellman,dschmitz,dbox,lueking,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- MINOS: add_e875_user (kreymer,dbox,lueking,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- JDEM: add_jdem_user (fuess,dbox,lueking,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- ArgoNeuT: add_t-962_user (brebel,soderber,dbox,lueking,echurch,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)
- gm2: add_gm2_user (lyon,dbox,lueking,urish,boyd,mwang,lammel)

To use these, take the following steps,

  • setup
    login to gpcf015 (if ssh fails, use "rlogin -l uname gpcf015")
    source /usr/local/etc/
    setup systools
  • Adding a user
    cmd add_<group>_user <user-name>
    (for example)
    cmd add_lbne_user flinstone
  • Adding a user to a group use the following
    cmd add_<exp>_user2group add <group> <user>
    (for example)
    cmd add_lbne_user2group add lbnemars einstein
    (to remove someone from a group use "delete" instead of "add")
    cmd add_lbne_user2group delete lbnemars einstein
  • To have a particular group set as a users default login group, a Service Desk ticket to FEF is needed.
  • To see a list of current user accounts use, log into one of your experiment's nodes
    getent passwd  
    ypcat passwd
  • To see a list of current group accounts, log into one of your experiment's nodes
    getent group  
    ypcat group

1. Updates to all NIS domains with the exception of GPCF may take 5 minutes to propagate to all NIS slaves. GPCF Nis domain updates occur every hour.
2. Additionally include the requirement that the users AFS home directory MUST be chown'ed to that users UID.