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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
04/16/2013 Dennis Box Development Feature #3580: modify jobsub to use harvard and smu entry points more gracefully fixed with --required_site flag and show_entrypoints command 2.00
04/09/2013 Dennis Box Deployment Feature #3578: controls for limiting number of user jobs running and or start rate implemented with max(X) groups 2.00
03/29/2013 Dennis Box Development Feature #2573: integrate tarball support into jobsub done as of v1_2_rc1 (release candidate 1) in UPS/UPD 8.00
03/14/2013 Dennis Box Deployment Feature #3577: modify ifdh cp usage to do multiple copies per lock working for input files as of v1_1s (current). Works for output files as of v1_1t will be current on Monday 3/18/13 3.00
03/11/2013 Dennis Box Testing Support #3581: authenticate/send fork queue jobs to Harvard OSG site task completed 2.00
02/21/2013 Dennis Box Deployment Feature #3496: instrument jobs to ifdh joblog released into ups products on /grid/fermiapp/common 1.00
02/21/2013 Dennis Box Administration Support #3494: create a mail list to notify users of jobsub changes list created 1.00
02/20/2013 Dennis Box Testing Feature #3496: instrument jobs to ifdh joblog candidate release is jobsub_tools v1_1p 4.00
02/19/2013 Dennis Box Testing Support #2576: migrate minerva_jobsub to jobsub this is being heavily tested and generating fix requests, anticipate resolution 'soon' 8.00

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