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h1. ifdh commands

* *ifdh* *cp* _src dest_
** general file copy using cpn or srmcp
* *ifdh* *fetchInput* _src_uri_
** get input file to local scratch, return scratch location
* *ifdh* *addOutputFile* _filename_
** add output file to set
* *ifdh* *copyBackOutput* _dest_dir_
** copy output file set to destination with cpn or srmcp
* *ifdh* *log* _message_
** logging
* *ifdh* *enterState* _state_
** log entering/leaving states
* *ifdh* *leaveState* _state_
** log entering/leaving states
* *ifdh* *createDefinition* _name dims user group_
** make a named dataset definition from a dimension string
* *ifdh* *deleteDefinition* _name_
** remove data set definition
* *ifdh* *describeDefinition* _name_
** describe a named dataset definition
* *ifdh* *translateConstraints* _dims_
** give file list for dimension string
* *ifdh* *locateFile* _name_
** locate a file
* *ifdh* *getMetadata* _name_
** get a files metadata
* *ifdh* *dumpStation* _name what_
** give a dump of a SAM station status
* *ifdh* *startProject* _name station defname_or_id user group_
** start a new file delivery project
* *ifdh* *findProject* _name station_
** find a started project
* *ifdh* *establishProcess* _projecturi appname appversion location user appfamily description filelimit_
** set yourself up as a file consumer process for a project
* *ifdh* *getNextFile* _projecturi processid_
** get the next file location from a project
* *ifdh* *updateFileStatus* _projecturi processid filename status_
** update the file status (use: transferred, skipped, or consumed)
* *ifdh* *endProcess* _projecturi processid_
** end the process
* *ifdh* *dumpProcess* _projecturi processid_
** say what the sam station knows about your process
* *ifdh* *setStatus* _projecturi processid status_
** set process status
* *ifdh* *endProject* _projecturi_
** end the project
* *ifdh* *cleanup* __
** clean up any tmp file stuff