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Marc Mengel, 05/12/2014 04:55 PM
Latest command help converted to textile

ifdh commands

Note that many of these commands are new in ifdh v1_3_x.

Environment variables

  • IFDH_DEBUG=1 for voluminous debug output
  • EXPERIMENT set to an experiment name ("minerva", "nova", etc.)
    if it can't be guessed from your group,etc.
  • IFDH_BASE_URI to pick a particular samweb server.
    flor globus-url-copy, lcg_cp, dd, etc.
  • IFDH_WEB_TIMEOUT for samweb timeouts.


  • ifdh cp args

    general file copy using cpn locks dd, gridftp, or srmcp

    • cp src1 dest1 [';' src2 dest2 [';'...]] -- basic source/dest filenames * cp r src1 dest1 [';' src2 dest2 [';'...]] - recursive directory copies * cp D src1 src2 destdir1 [';' src3 src4 destdir2 [';'...]] - copies to dest. directory * cp f file_with_src_space_dest_lines - copies to a list file * any of the above can take --force={cpn,gridftp,srmcp,expgridftp} * any of the file/dest arguments can be URIs
  • ifdh fetchInput src_uri 

    get input file to local scratch, return scratch location

  • ifdh localPath src_uri 

    return scratch location fetchInput would give, without copying

  • ifdh addOutputFile filename 

    add output file to set

  • ifdh copyBackOutput dest_dir 

    copy output file set to destination with cpn or srmcp

  • ifdh log args


  • ifdh enterState state 

    log entering/leaving states

  • ifdh leaveState state 
  • ifdh createDefinition name dims user group 

    make a named dataset definition from a dimension string

  • ifdh deleteDefinition name 

    remove data set definition

  • ifdh describeDefinition name 

    describe a named dataset definition

  • ifdh translateConstraints dims 

    give file list for dimension string

  • ifdh locateFile name 

    locate a file

  • ifdh getMetadata name 

    get a files metadata

  • ifdh dumpStation name what 

    give a dump of a SAM station status

  • ifdh startProject name station defname_or_id user group 

    start a new file delivery project

  • ifdh findProject name station 

    find a started project

  • ifdh establishProcess projecturi appname appversion location user appfamily description filelimit 

    set yourself up as a file consumer process for a project

  • ifdh getNextFile projecturi processid 

    get the next file location from a project

  • ifdh updateFileStatus projecturi processid filename status 

    update the file status (use: transferred, skipped, or consumed)

  • ifdh endProcess projecturi processid 

    end the process

  • ifdh dumpProject projecturi 

    say what the sam station knows about your process

  • ifdh setStatus projecturi processid status 

    set process status

  • ifdh endProject projecturi 

    end the project

  • ifdh cleanup 

    clean up any tmp file stuff

  • ifdh renameOutput how 

    give output files reported with addOutputFile a unique name

  • ifdh mv args

    general file rename using mvn or srmcp

  • ifdh ls loc recursion_depth force 

    Get a list of directory contents, or check existence of files

  • ifdh mkdir loc force 

    make a directory (i.e. for file destination)

  • ifdh rm loc force 

    remove files