IFDH Version 2 Major Release

Version v2_0_0 if ifdhc is a major release, which completely rewrites much of the I/O translation code.
Several major changes are included:

  • Location mapping and protocol choice are now entirely text-based, and config-file driven -- the code no longer checks for example if things are NFS mounted to decide how to handle them.
  • The codebase is approximately 700 lines of code smaller now.
  • Convenience generation of certificates and proxies now follows conventions shared with jobsub, and should also allow use of certificates gained from cigetcert; however this means that ifdh will sometimes overwrite your /tmp/x509up_u nnn file -- but only if it's expired/invalid.
  • This release fixes the current set of known bugs in the ifdh toolset; however given its size it is likely to have introduced new, as yet undiscovered ones.
  • Addition of ifdh apply which lets you apply an operation to items matching a pattern.