Environment Variable Reference

Here is a list of all environment variables referred to by ifdhc, and what they do:

  • IFDH_CP_UNLINK_ON_ERROR -- try unlinking the destination before retrying if a copy fails (v2_0_3 and later) good for DCache.
  • IFDHC_CONFIG_DIR, IFDHC_DIR -- directories containing ifdh.cfg file (ifdhc v2_x and later)
  • CLUSTER: used along with PROCESS to set default description of SAM consumers
  • _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR: fallback place to create to create the ifdh State Directory if TMPDIR isn't set
  • CONDOR_TMP: if set, used to guess experiment name (archaic jobsub_tools remnant)
  • CPN_DIR: where cpn lock script lives, if set
  • EXPERIMENT: experiment name, overrides all other guesses
  • GRID_USER: used for username for scp for D0-style transfers
  • IFDH_BASE_URI: http URL for samweb server; corresponding https one is generated from it
  • IFDH_COPY_XROOTD: flag to make fetchInput() copy root files locally, rather than pass a root:URI through to the application.
  • IFDH_CP_EXTRA: extra flags to give to "cp" for local file copies (only used for ifdh cp -r)
  • IFDH_CP_MAXRETRIES: maximum retries for copies on failure -- defaults to 7
  • IFDH_CURL_EXTRA: extra flags to curl for http:/https: copies.
  • IFDH_DATA_DIR: specified State Directory
  • IFDH_DD_EXTRA: extra arguments to give to "dd" for local file copies
  • IFDH_DEBUG: if set to 1, turns on volumunous debug messages to stderr
  • IFDH_FIND_MATCHING_DEPTH: set to maximum directory depth to search for files, defaults to 10.
  • IFDH_FORCE: force a particular transfer method (i.e. gridftp, srm, etc.)
  • IFDH_GRIDFTP_EXTRA: extra arguments to pass to globus-url-copy
  • IFDH_GS_EXTRA:Google storage copy extra flags
  • IFDH_HTTPS_EXTRA: extra flags to curl for https copies
  • IFDH_INPUT_FILE: used by ifdh renameOutput for the last input file name, if the last fetchInput was run in another process.
  • IFDH_IRODS_EXTRA: extra flags to pass to icp
  • IFDH_NO_PROXY: disable checking/generating proxy code
  • IFDH_NO_ZERO_LENGTH: do not transfer zero length files
  • IFDH_S3_EXTRA: extra flags for "aws s3 cp"
  • IFDH_SILENT: swallow error messages, you can fetch them with ifdh.getErrorText()
  • IFDH_SRM_EXTRA: extra flags for lcg-cp
  • IFDH_STAGE_VIA: specifies a stage-out area, must be a full uri (srm://..., gsiftp://... or s3://...)
  • IFDH_STASH_CACHE: stash cache server for xrootd.
  • IFDH_WEB_TIMEOUT: specifies a hard timeout for samweb calls, not recommended for Art jobs or multithreaded code as it uses alarm() and signals.
  • NU_LOG_HOST: hostname:port to send syslog/UDP messages to with ifdh log, etc. default is ""
  • NU_LOG_TAG: base of tag for syslog messages; for nuprintf defaults to experiment_name
  • NU_MSG_TAG: base of tag for syslog messages; for ifdh generally, defaults to experiment_name (one of these two should go away!)
  • PATH: usual meaning, place to search for executables
  • PROCESS: used along with CLUSTER for default description of sam consumer processes
  • SAM_EXPERIMENT: experiment name for SAM.
  • SAM_PROJECT: default project name for samweb calls
  • SAM_STATION: default station for samweb calls
  • TMPDIR: place to create to create the ifdh State Directory
  • VDT_LOCATION: if set $VDT_LOCATION/globus/bin and $VDT_LOCATION/srm-client-fermi/bin are prepended to PATH
  • X509_USER_PROXY: location of VOMS proxy certificate, used for https samweb calls; used by underlying tools.