Changes v1_8_5 to v1_8_11


  • full xrootd: protocol support (ifdh ls, cp, mv, etc) also IFDH_XROOTD_EXTRA env var. (flags for xrdcp)
  • partial http: WEBDAV support (ifdh cp, fetchIinput, etc. no ls, mv, etc. yet) also IFDH_HTTP_EXTRA env var (flags for curl)
  • added "mkdir_p()" call that makes intervening directories
  • aded getProxy() call to give you the path to your current proxy, or to a new one if needed
  • Add environment flag IFDH_COPY_XROOTD to stage files with xrootd: rather than streaming them, in fetchInput()
  • support for "gfal" instead of "lcg-cp" on osg-3.x systems
  • IFDH_STAGE_VIA supports gsiftp: etc. as well as srm:
  • try fetch of "ls-lR.gz" file for findMatchingFiles before doing recursive ls.
  • support "ucondb:experiment/folder/key" URI's mapping to http:/


  • turn off X509_USER_CERT in environment, so we don't sometimes ignoer X509_USER_PROXY
  • web call timeouts now throw std::runtime_error
  • web call exceptions don't leak WEBApi objects anymore
  • setting XrdSecGSIUSERCERT and XrdSecGSIUSERKEY for xrd tools
  • we pick a new DCache door on each retry
  • support SAM_EXPERIMENT as well as EXPERIMENT