Version 2

Title: Implementation of Intensity Frontier Beam Information Database
Authors: Igor Mandrichenko, Andrew Norman, Andrey Petrov, Vladimir Podstavkov

Neutrino physics research is an important part of FNAL scientific program
in post Tevatron era. Neutrino experiments are taking
advantage of high beam intensity delivered by the FNAL accelerator
complex. They share many common resources. One such resource is
information about beam conditions. Our goal is to capture, store and
make beam status data available to all neutrino physics experiments at
FNAL for the purposes of online monitoring and off-line data
processing. We are building a high performance, robust and reliable
system which would store real-time and historic beam conditions data
and provide access to these data to multiple experiments at different
stages of their data processing and analysis. The presentation will
cover the design and implementation of this system and its interfaces.