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h1. Documentation

h2. Creating a IFGridftpServerBase Image

OpenNebula specification file used for Base Image creation is as follows

NAME = IFGridftpServerBase
CPU = 1
VCPU = 2
MEMORY = 4096

DISK = [
source = /cloud/images/OpenNebula/images/current-image.img,
save = yes,
target = vda,
bus = virtio,
persistent = yes,
readonly = no

DISK = [
type = swap,
size = 4096,
target = vdb ]

NIC = [ NETWORK = "FermiCloud" ]

FEATURES=[ acpi="no" ]

type = "vnc",
listen = "",
port = "-1",
autoport = "yes",
keymap = "en-us"]

ip_public = "$NIC[IP, NETWORK=\"FermiCloud\"]",
hostname = "",
netmask = "",
gateway = "",
ns = "",
files = "/cloud/images/OpenNebula/templates/ /home/parag/OpenNebula/cedps/k5login",
target = "hdc",
root_pubkey = "",
username = "opennebula",
user_pubkey = ""



Launch a new VM with dynamic IP address.

[parag@fcl002 cedps]$ onevm create

# Once the VM is running login into the VM from same of different machine
[parag@cd-109337 ~]$ ssh root@

# Stop and Disable ypbind
[root@fermicloud002 ~]# service ypbind stop
Shutting down NIS services: [ OK ]
[root@fermicloud002 ~]# chkconfig --list| grep ypbind
ypbind 0:off 1:off 2:on 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off
[root@fermicloud002 ~]# chkconfig ypbind off
[root@fermicloud002 ~]# chkconfig --list| grep ypbind
ypbind 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:off 4:off 5:off 6:off

# Make the experiment disks available without ypbind
[root@fermicloud002 etc]# scp root@fcl002:/etc/auto.* /etc/
[root@fermicloud002 etc]# service autofs stop
Stopping automount: [ OK ]
[root@fermicloud002 etc]# service autofs start
Starting automount: [ OK ]

# Check that experiment areas are available without ypbind
[root@fermicloud002 etc]# ls -la /minos/app

# Install pacman & VDT
[root@fermicloud002 etc]# cd /usr/local/
[root@fermicloud002 pacman-3.29]# tar xzf /tmp/pacman-latest.tar.gz
[root@fermicloud002 local]# cd pacman-3.29/
[root@fermicloud002 pacman-3.29]# source ./
[root@fermicloud002 etc]# cd /usr/local/
[root@fermicloud002 local]# mkdir /usr/local/vdt-2.0.99
[root@fermicloud002 local]# ln -s /usr/local/vdt-2.0.99 /usr/local/vdt
[root@fermicloud002 local]# cd /usr/local/vdt-2.0.99/
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# pacman -get
Do you want to add [] to [trusted.caches]? (y/n/yall): yall

# Setup CA Certificates and other required VDT services
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# source /usr/local/vdt/

# Change $VDT_LOCATION/vdt-app-data/vdt-update-certs/vdt-update-certs.conf to enable OSG CA Certs
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# vi $VDT_LOCATION/vdt-app-data/vdt-update-certs/vdt-update-certs.conf
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# vdt-setup-ca-certificates --certs-dir /usr/local/vdt-2.0.99/

# Make sure Host certs and keys are in place
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# ls -la /etc/grid-security/

# First make sure that /etc/services do not have gsiftp service. If it does remove it
# Enable VDT Services
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# vdt-control --list
Service | Type | Desired State
fetch-crl | cron | do not enable
vdt-rotate-logs | cron | do not enable
vdt-update-certs | cron | do not enable
gsiftp | inetd | do not enable
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# vdt-control --enable fetch-crl vdt-rotate-logs vdt-update-certs gsiftp
running 'vdt-register-service --name fetch-crl --enable'... ok
running 'vdt-register-service --name vdt-rotate-logs --enable'... ok
running 'vdt-register-service --name vdt-update-certs --enable'... ok
running 'vdt-register-service --name gsiftp --enable'... ok
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# vi /etc/services
[root@fermicloud002 vdt-2.0.99]# vdt-control --on
enabling cron service vdt-rotate-logs... ok
enabling inetd service gsiftp... ok
enabling cron service vdt-update-certs... ok
enabling cron service fetch-crl... ok


h3. From a new FermiCloud Base Image