ICARUS Simulation and Reconstruction Code

This is version 0 of a wiki age for ICARUS software
It should have more than a passing familiarity with ICARUS...

Developing ICARUS code

  • The ICARUS Guide to using LArSoft
  • ICARUS code repository: icaruscode (use mrb gitCheckout icaruscode from your MRB working area)
  • Developing ICARUS code in LArSoft|More information about developing code
  • When a new LArSoft release is available and you want to develop against the new LArSoft release
  • Project List
  • Introduction to Gallery analysis

Computing resources

Content of the packages

  • job configurations|Configuration of ICARUS jobs and utilities (in icaruscode)
  • cosmics|Generating cosmic rays with CORSIKA (in icaruscode)
  • The ICARUS flux files
  • Detector geometry description files
  • Software parameters and settings

Monte Carlo productions

Useful Tidbits of information.
  • How to get Geant4 standalone working on gpvms
  • Setting up Fermilab VPN
  • Using for Grid Jobs

Code management and deployment stuff

Newbie Material

SAM File Metadata