Simulation production purity samples July2020

The following samples listed in this page are produced with POMS with icaruscode v08_49_00.

The fhicl files are not pushed to the icaruscode repository since we were reverting to the older version after seeing an issue with very large number of hits in version v08_56_00 when these campaigns were originally launched.

Fhicl configurations

stage no SCE configurations SCE configurations Measured noise configuration
gen prodcorsika_overburden_icarus.fcl
G4 g4_purity_infinite_nosce_forv084900.fcl g4_purity_infinite_sce_forv084900.fcl g4_purity_infinite_sce_forv084900.fcl
DetSim detsim_overburden_oldnoise.fcl detsim_overburden_measurednoise.fcl
McReco1 reco1_purity.fcl
McReco2 reco2_purity.fcl

where ${lifetime} refers to: infinite/4500mus/7ms/9600mus/15ms.
Except for the gen fhicl file that can be found in icaruscode repository, all the fhicl files from the g4 stage onwards used in this campaign are located in:


How to access the PURITY samples

A SAM dataset will be created with a unique name to identify each sample and will be updated throughout the production campaign.
Analyzers can also use the samweb command and samweb definition to locate the file as follows (e.g poms_icarus_prod_purity_infinite_sce_measurednoise_v08_49_00_reco2):

  1. List files using samweb list-files command:
    samweb list-files "defname:poms_icarus_prod_purity_infinite_sce_measurednoise_v08_49_00_reco2 with limit 1" 

    This will print the following reco file:
  2. Use the samweb locate-file command to find the location of the file:
    samweb locate-file prodcorsika_overburden_icarus_20200727T094904_5-0030_gen_20200804T190929_g4_20200805T004340_detsim_20200813T060213_reco1_20200815T205847_reco2.root

    This will print the following locations:
  3. You can also check for the summary of the files that has been created under their SAM definitions (as what is shown after you click the SAM definitions listed on the table below)
    samweb list-files --summary "defname:poms_icarus_prod_purity_infinite_sce_measurednoise_v08_49_00_reco2" 

    This will print
    File count:    972
    Total size:    7968258203224
    Event count:    9720

List of Sample Description

Purity Sample description N Events Available Stage SAM definition
cosmic muon, infinite lifetime, no SCE, old noise 9920 reco2 poms_icarus_prod_purity_infinite_nosce_v08_49_00_reco2
cosmic muon, infinite lifetime, SCE, old noise 9790 reco2 poms_icarus_prod_purity_infinite_sce_v08_49_00_reco2
cosmic muon, infinite lifetime, SCE, measured noise 9720 reco2 poms_icarus_prod_purity_infinite_sce_measurednoise_v08_49_00_reco2