Simulation production NuMI group 2020

The following samples listed in this page are produced with POMS with icaruscode v08_62_01 for the gen stage -> detsim stage and icaruscode v08_62_00 for the reco1 stage as the v08_62_01 is missing the necessary pandorashower.fcl file needed for the reconstruction. The requests are made to only include the reco1 stage, so only files up to reco1 stage are transferred to tape.

NuMI group contact person: Minerba Betancourt

Fhicl configurations

stage NuMI off-axis Cosmic
gen simulation_genie_icarus_numi_volDetEnclosure.fcl prodcorsika_standard_icarus.fcl
G4 standard_g4_icarus.fc cosmics_g4_icarus.fcl
DetSim multitpc_detsim_icarus.fclmultitpc_detsim_icarus.fcl
McReco1 reco_icarus_driver_reco_multitpc_gauss.fcl

How to access the samples

A SAM dataset will be created with a unique name to identify each sample and will be updated throughout the production campaign.
Analyzers can also use the samweb command and samweb definition to locate the file as follows (e.g poms_icarus_prod_numioffaxis_fulldet_v08_62_00_reco1):

  1. List files using samweb list-files command:
    samweb list-files "defname:poms_icarus_prod_numioffaxis_fulldet_v08_62_00_reco1 with limit 1" 

    This will print the following reco file:
  2. Use the samweb locate-file command to find the location of the file:
    samweb locate-file simulation_genie_icarus_numi_volDetEnclosure_20200828T215348_1-0002_gen_20200829T011744_filter_20200829T035422_g4_20200829T122649_detsim_20200829T155759_reco1.root

    This will print the following locations:
  3. You can also check for the summary of the files that has been created under their SAM definitions (as what is shown after you click the SAM definitions listed on the table below)
    samweb list-files --summary "defname:poms_icarus_prod_numioffaxis_fulldet_v08_62_00_reco1" 

    This will print
    File count:    439
    Total size:    1345902416895
    Event count:    51741

List of Sample Description

Sample description N Events Requested N Events Available Stage SAM definition
nominal NuMI sample 50,000 51,741 reco1 poms_icarus_prod_numioffaxis_fulldet_v08_62_00_reco1
nominal corsika sample 10,000 9,670 reco1 poms_icarus_prod_corsika_standard_v08_62_00_reco1

Notes about pre-staging files:

1. Check if the file has been staged for use (if not expect the next step to take some time)
cat <path_to_directory>/".(get)(<file_name>)(locality)" 

cat /pnfs/icarus/archive/sam_managed_users/icaruspro/data/mc/reco1/artroot/Production2020/MCC1.1/icarus_numioffaxis_fulldet_v08_62_00/icaruscode/v08_62_00/.(get)(simulation_genie_icarus_numi_volDetEnclosure_20200828T215348_1-0002_gen_20200829T011744_filter_20200829T035422_g4_20200829T122649_detsim_20200829T155759_reco1.root)(locality)" 
  • ONLINE or ONLINE_AND_NEARLINE - means the file has been staged and can be used immediately
  • NEARLINE - means the file is only available on tape
2. If your file is only on tape then it will need to staged before it can be copied to your user area for your tests. Staging will happen automatically when you try to execute the copy, but expect this to be a slow process.
  • Get the access url of the file and copy it to your user area
    samweb get-file-access-url <file_name>
     ifdh cp -D <file_url> .
3. Before launching analysis jobs on the grid, you should first check that your input files have been staged from tape using the command above. If you don't do this, your jobs will sit idle while the files are staged making them very inefficient.
  • You can pre-stage a whole dataset using samweb
    samweb prestage-dataset --defname=<definition>