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What to do while on shift

Before the start of your shift

  1. Check that all screens are present and correct, and that there are no alarms. Click here to see what should be in each screen.
  2. Talk to the outgoing shifter and find about any issues that occurred during the shift and anything else that you should be aware of during yours.
  3. Read the current running conditions and ECL entries for the last 24 hours, even if you were on shift on the previous day. Running conditions can change daily.
  4. Log in as yourself on any open ECL pages for speediness. This will save you time when filling the shift forms and reporting issues.
  5. Call the main Fermilab control room (x3721) and let them know that the new ICARUS shifter has arrived and inform it of the control room you are shifting from. This is specially useful as people from the main control room might call you to inform about any work that might affect the beam status or the experiment's operations in general.

Throughout the shift

Below is a list of the ECL forms that you should fill out throughout your shift. It is your responsibility to fill out all these forms during every shift. There are also other forms that you should fill out in certain situations and others that will be filled by experts.

Main ECL forms to be filled out during every shift

When Form Category Tag
Before the previous shifter leaves Shift check-in General Control Room, General
Immediately after shift check-in Start of shift General Control Room
Once every hour IFIX Cryogenics General Control Room, Cryogenics
In the last hour of your shift Shift summary General Control Room
After the new shifter has arrived and you have handed things over Shift check-out General Control Room, General

Suggested schedule to fill out main ECL shift forms

Time into shift Forms to complete
-0:15 - 0:00 Shift check-in
0:00 - 0:15 Start of shift
0:30, 1:30, ..., 7:30 IFIX cryogenics
7:00 - 8:00 Shift summary
8:00 - 8:15 Shift check-out

Good shifter practice

  • Arrive to the control room 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the shift.
  • Remain in the control room at all times except for justified brief absences of less than 15 minutes or in case of emergency (fire alarms, tornado warnings, etc).
  • Add an ECL entry for all the activities and issues that arise during your shift.
  • Add clear as possible explanations to the ECL entries and add screen shoots if possible.
  • Add the relevant tags to the ECL entries (do not forget to click both the Add and Update buttons). This will make it easier for the experts and run coordinators to identify subjects.