Trigger Interface

The ICARUS trigger right now is set up to use a Windows interface. There is a Remote Desktop connection available on the DAQ VNC to connect to the Windows session.

Start the Remote Desktop Session

The Remote Desktop connection to the Windows machine uses Remmina. The Remmina window on the VNC looks like this:

Remmina window

If this is not open on the desktop already, one can open it by clicking on Applications on the top left, finding Internet and then Remmina. The item listed as "trigger laptop" is how one connects to the Windows machine with the trigger program. Simply double click this to launch the Windows connection! Please inform @icarus_shift_help if this operation doesn't work. before starting a new connection instance, you should verify if the trigger laptop tab is already open in the top panel.

The preferred way to disconnect from the trigger interface is via the "Disconnect" button. Click the Windows button in the bottom left, then the Power button to get the list of sign-out options. Click DISCONNECT.

Once the run has started and you see the counter advancing, it's advised to do the disconnect to prevent it from signing you out due to inactivity. You can sign back in when it's time to stop the triggers.

If the Windows connection is open but looks like you're logged off, it's probably due to inactivity. In this case, you might have to use the X button to get out of the page and relaunch the Windows connection by double clicking on the "trigger laptop" item in Remmina. Note this method of disconnecting is NOT PREFERRED.

Trigger program

The trigger program should be left open but stopped when a run isn't going. If for some reason it is closed though, it can be re-opened from the project. The project is Trigger_for_shifter_project.lvproj. The program has the name

When opened, it should look like this:

Once the components are selected (for example all EW TPC mini-crates and PMT EW TOP 01) but before starting the run, simply hit the Play button on the VI. Once this is ON you'll notice the play button turns into a black arrow and the background of the program goes from boxed gray to solid gray. Then you can hit START on the run. When the run has started and is in the RUNNING status, you will shortly see the Iterations start to increase.

Stopping the run

When ready to stop the run, first hit STOP on the Run Control GUI. Wait for it to go to READY or STOPPED state. If it goes straight to the STOPPED state then go ahead and click the STOP button on the trigger program and proceed.

If it goes back to the READY state, then click the STOP button on the trigger program followed by the TERMINATE button on the Run Control GUI.

In either case, once you've hit STOP on the trigger program, you should see the iterations stop increasing and it should go back to having a boxed gray background. The play button will go from the black arrow back into the way it looked when you first hit play.

Note about CRT components with this setup

For the time being, do NOT run CRT components with this setup.