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Robert Wilson, 08/28/2020 02:52 PM

PMT HV Monitoring

For shifters

The following section contains a description of the most relevant quantities for the PMTs that need to be monitored by the shifter and actions to take in case any anomaly is observed.

The appropriate ECL form for the PMT status has to be filled up every hour. It is important to refresh the page anytime before filling the ECL form.

[work in progress] At the beginning of your shift contact an expert or check which PMTs activities are ongoing and what tubes are expected to be active at the page: PMTs On Or Off. Inform an expert ( of any anomaly you may observe.

How to Open GUI page for the PMT monitor

To monitor the PMT status it is necessary to log into the Icarus DCS VNC server. If you are on a shift you are probably already logged in. If not you can refresh your memory

After successful login, GUI page should look like this. If some console error appears, the pop up window can be simply closed

If this is not the case, follow the instruction on the ICARUS DCS GUI page or contact an expert. For questions related to the DCS GUI report to Geoff Savage ().

Click on PMT Subsystem to open the Bertan control GUI.

The Beartan control GUI

The Bertan control GUI should appear. This window allows to monitor the main PMT Bertan power supplier.

The relevant fields are:

1. Set Voltage : This filed is used by the experts to set the voltage on West and East PMT. It should be 1600 V normally, but there could be other values. You don't need to monitor this.
2. On off Switch : An ON switch points to the sign ON and it is colored in bright green. An OFF switch points to off and it is colored in dark green. During normal operation switch should be ON, please check on the PMT activity page what PMTs are expected to be on or off: PMTs On Or Off.
3. Voltage Monitor : Voltage value within the blue box (Voltage meter) should be (1600+/- 10) Volt. If the value recorded is 50 V more or less than VSet, then the box frame will turn orange. If it is 100 V more or less than VSet, the box will turn red. In either case, post a screenshot of the GUI on the ECL and send an email to or and .
4. Current Monitor : The expected value for 180 PMTs powered up should be between 46 mA. If the value recorded is within +/-10 mA arount the nominal value, then the box frame will turn orange. If it is +/- 20 mA around the nominal, the box will turn red. In either case, post a screenshot of the GUI on the ECL and send an email to or and .
5. Busy turns yellow for few seconds while the Bertan is powering up. It should be Green otherwise. Please do not use the On/Off switch while it's yellow. Inform an expert if the Busy alarms have another color rather than green.
7. Channel Interlock should be Green. It turns orange if you try to switch on the Bertan while an HV channel is on. If it is orange inform an expert. The expert might ask you to follow this procedure to solve the issue: 1) turn off the On/Off main switch, 2) turn off all HV channels of that side, 3) turn on the main On/Off switch again.
8. Set Ramp steps should be 200V. This is a field to set the ramping up/down voltage steps. It is reserved for experts and you don't need to monitor this.
9. Do NOT Click on the Jump to Set Voltage option (for Experts Only)

10. Channel monitor button: click on this button to open the HV distributor monitoring ( to monitor status for each PMT tube ). The button gets red if any of the channels is is powered on and its voltage value has triggered an alarm (orange for warning).

11. Network disconnection: should be green. If it turns orage the SY1527 distributor is not reachable anymore over the network. Please email to
12. Server down : the led should be green. If it turns orange the channels monitor is not updating. How to react: first press the "clear" button, then the "restart" button. The GUI will show 'disconnected' for about one minute and then should be back. If there is any problem, please call an expert and/or send email to

HV Distributor Monitoring

The channel Monitor page will look like:

Monitor page has the following information Channels #, PMT ID #, Nominal Voltage, Voltage Monitored(VMON), Status. Active PMTs will be illuminated with a bright green. Inactive PMTs will be colored in dim green. Please refer to the activity status to know which tubes are expected to be active: PMTs On Or Off.
For active PMTs:
2. The VMON box will be colored in orange if the voltage is between +/- 10 V from VSET, and in red if the voltage is between +/- 20 V from VSet. In either case, post a screenshot of the GUI on the ECL and send an email to , and .
3. The status of an active PMT should be ON. Other possible status messages might appear. Call immediately an expert if a PMT shows one of the following status: OverCurrent, Undercurrent, Ramping, Trip.

To go back to Bertan power supply GUI, click on the back button in the upper-left corner of the GUI window ( see picture below ).

For Experts [work in progress]

Legacy instruction to login to the the node

Login ssh -KL 
Login through browser  https://localhost:5443

There are also icons/scripts as for the other monitoring tools in the SBN_CR package on GitHub. Right now these are available from the feature branch fb-pmtmon (

How to power up the PMTs

Instruction to turn on the power supplier and ramp up the pmts to their nominal value ( 11 July 2020 )

1) Make sure all the PMTs are OFF and the Set ramp field shows 200V
2) Set 1000 V in the Bertan set Voltage field and press enter. Then switch on the Bertan. The power will ramp up to 1000V. During this operation, the BUSY alarm will turn yellow.
3) Once the voltage monitor shows 1000V and the BUSY alarm turns back to green, it is possible to turn on all the PMTs using the PMT on/off button located over the channel monitor button. Wait 1-2 minutes for the PMTs to ramp up. The PMT channel status should turn orange during ramping up and turn red and display the error Under current, once the ramping up to 1000V is terminated.
4) Now increase the voltage in the Bertan in steps of 100V using the jump to voltage button. Voltage will increase on the PMT channels too.
5) Stop once 1600V is reached. The status of all PMTs should be ON and display no message or alarms.

How to power down the PMTs

1) Ramp down the Bertan in steps of 100V using the Set voltage button until 1000 V is reached.
2) Now turn off the PMTs using the general switch and wait until ramp down is completed.
3) Once all PMTs are off and their status is correctly reported Off, Shiwtch off the Bertan switch and wait until current and voltage ramp down to 0.
4) Restore the general DCS control GUI pressing the back button at the top left of the Power supplier GUI.