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h1. PMT HV Monitoring

h2. For shifters

h3. How to Open GUI page to monitor HV and current of Bertan.

Login ssh -KL

Login through browser https://localhost:5443

After successful login, GUI page should look like this


h3. Parameters to look for the Bertan Power supply

1. *Set Voltage :* Both on West and East PMT should be *1600 V*
2. *Voltage Monitor :* Voltage value within the blue box (Voltage meter) should be (1600+/- 10) Volt
3. *On off Switch :* Switch should be *ON*
4. *Current Monitor* : Current value when only 8 PMTs are connected should be within *1.5 mA to 2.2 mA* ( for all 180 PMTs on each side total current (expected 40 mA to 70 mA)
5. *Current Monitor box* (West H PS) *Red color is not an alarm*
6. Both Busy and Channel Interlock should be *Green*
7. Set Ramp steps should be *200V*
8. *Do NOT Click on the Jump to Set Voltage option (for Experts Only)*

h2. HV Distributor Monitoring

Usually both West and East channel monitoring page should be open in new tabs, ff page is not opened, open the page by clicking the *Channel Monitor* tab on both the HV Distributor. Channel Monitor page will look like

Monitor page has the following information Channels #, PMT ID #, Nominal Voltage , Voltage Monitored(VMON), Status.

h3. Parameters to look for the channels

1. Channels are ON
2. VMON should be within +/- 2 V from the nominal voltage
3. Status should show On