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Animesh Chatterjee, 07/06/2020 04:12 PM

PMT HV Monitoring

For shifters

How to Open GUI page to monitor HV and current of Bertan.

Login ssh -KL 
Login through browser  https://localhost:5443

!Screenshot from 2020-06-26 15-35-33.png!

Parameters to look for the Bertan Power supply

1. Set Voltage : Both on West and East PMT should be 1600 V
2. Voltage Monitor : Voltage value within the blue box (Voltage meter) should be (1600+/- 10) Volt
3. On off Switch : Switch should be ON
4. Current Monitor : Current value when only 8 PMTs are connected should be within 1.5 mA to 2.2 mA ( for all 180 PMTs on each side total current (expected 40 mA to 70 mA)
5. Current Monitor box (West H PS) Red color is not an alarm
6. Both Busy and Channel Interlock should be Green
7. Set Ramp steps should be 200V
8. Do NOT Click on the Jump to Set Voltage option (for Experts Only)

HV Distributor Monitoring

Usually both West and East channel monitoring page should be open in new tabs, ff page is not opened, open the page by clicking the Channel Monitor tab on both the HV Distributor.
Monitor page has the following information Channels #, PMT ID #, Nominal Voltage , Voltage Monitored(VMON), Status.

Parameters to look for the channels

1. Channels are ON
2. VMON should be within +/- 2 V from the nominal voltage
3. Status should show On