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Are you on shift FROM HOME soon? As part of the response to the COVID-19 situation, ICARUS has adopted a remote shift scheme where shifters can perform duties from their computers. This current method requires the shifters to get extra accounts and access. Here is what you need to do to get ready for your from-home shift:

  1. Read the remote connection page for details on how to get the extra accounts and access. Please get the pre-requisite accounts ASAP and check that you can successfully make the connections described in that page. You'll need them to carry out the different shift tasks.
  2. Read the For shifters section below, specially the What to do while on shift subsection. The information in those pages is still valid and discusses what shifters should monitor and do during their shift. You do not have to be an expert but you are expected to have revised this information in preparation to your shift.

Collaborators, shifters and experts: You are required to document all activities and issues occurring during shifts and at the SBN Far Detector (FD) by making an entry in the ICARUS ECL.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that things on these pages are subject to change due to the experiment's commissioning status and the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Important and useful pages

For shifters

What to do while on shift

Main page for shifters.

Monitoring tools and shift requirements are expected to change frequently, specially during the commissioning period. So make sure to read the instructions in this subsection at least one day before the start of your shift, even if you have previously taken shifts. Shifters are strongly encouraged to familiarise with the screen layouts and tasks as early as possible. Either a current shifter or other collaborator with previous experience will be happy to help you get up to speed.

Shift bulletin board

Page for revising currently running conditions.

Running conditions are expected to change frequently, specially during the commissioning period. Check right before taking over the shift or in the very first minutes.

Cathode HV Monitoring

This page describes Cathode HV Monitoring information.

Grafana DAQ Monitoring (for shifters)

This page describes the current use of Grafana to monitor run status by the shifter.

Online Monitoring (for shifters)

This page describes the necessary information to run the Online Monitoring from the Control Room.

PMT HV Monitoring

Slow controls monitoring for PMT High Voltage information (page in development)

Impedance Monitoring

NEWLY ADDED! Page on impedance monitoring.

Help! I'm on shift and I'm trying to...

This page is the location of various helpful bits about doing things in the control room, and in the cases where better documentation exists, this can link you there. For anything from taking screenshots, to running the DAQ...

Taking data from the Control Room

This page describes running the DAQ as a shifter -- how to start a run, stop a run, etc.

Expert Contact List

List of experts and contact information (here is the Single Sign-On link).

Have you tried to solve the issue or you are unsure about how to proceed? Call an expert. Log into the docdb under the ICARUS account.

Shift assignment and swaps

Brief description about signing up for shifts and requesting a shift swap

Live Event Display

About the TITUS Live Event Display

For experts

Expert bulletin board

Page with things to be aware of by experts.

ICARUS Slow Controls (DCS)

Describes how to bring up the GUIs running in the ICARUS control room.

PMT DCS Controls (link to DCS wiki)

Wiki page on the sbndcs page for the PMT controls

SBN DAQ Documentation

The following links are in constant update. Please make sure to check the most recent versions for troubleshooting.

Main page
CRT Readout

Software Configuration for the ROC

The software configuration wiki describes the software, configurations, and scripts, used to operate ICARUS shifts from the ROC-West control room. ROC-West is the Remote Operations Control Room on the West side of Wilson Hall, first floor.

Remote connections

This page describes how to set up ICARUS remote connections for shifters and expert activity.