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h1. BOSCO submission setup

The wiki contains step by step instructions on how to install and configure BOSCO submission from a glideinWMS factory


h2. Terminology

| *Term* | *Description* |
| BOSCO_HOST | This is the remote login node from which glideins will be submitted to the local batch queue. For example, in the instructions below BOSCO_HOST is '' |
| FACTORY_HOST | This is the node where glideinWMS factory service has been installed and configured to run. For example, in the instructions below FACTORY_HOST is '' |
| FRONTEND_HOST | This is the node where glideinWMS frontend service has been installed and configured to run. For example, in the instructions below FRONTEND_HOST is '' |

h2. Vanilla installation

# Log into any node from where you can SSH into BOSCO_HOST. It is strongly recommended that the architecture and operating system of the host where you set BOSCO up from is similar to the BOSCO_HOST as you may need to copy some libraries over if needed. In the instructions below, the host being used to setup BOSCO is ''. <pre>
[fkhan@dhcp-131-225-82-129 ~]$ ssh
Last login: Tue Sep 19 22:44:19 2017 from
* ********************************************************************
* Welcome to, SLC, 6.9
* Archive of news is available in /etc/motd-archive
* Reminder: You have agreed to comply with the CERN computing rules
* Puppet environment: production, Roger state: production
* Foreman hostgroup: lxplus/nodes/login
* LXPLUS Public Login Service
* ********************************************************************
[fakhan@lxplus030 ~]$
# Take a look at the FTP server at UW Madison hosting different BOSCO versions "here": Select the appropriate version to download and wget the relevant boscoinstaller.tar.gz file. For example for version 1.2.10, fetch the installer as follows:<pre>
[fakhan@lxplus030 ~]$ wget
--2017-09-19 22:29:10--
=> “boscoinstaller.tar.gz”
Connecting to||:21... connected.
Logging in as anonymous ... Logged in!
==> SYST ... done. ==> PWD ... done.
==> TYPE I ... done. ==> CWD (1) /condor/bosco/1.2.10 ... done.
==> SIZE boscoinstaller.tar.gz ... 20480
==> PASV ... done. ==> RETR boscoinstaller.tar.gz ... done.
Length: 20480 (20K) (unauthoritative)

100%[==================================================================================================================>] 20,480 --.-K/s in 0.1s

2017-09-19 22:29:12 (182 KB/s) - “boscoinstaller.tar.gz” saved [20480]
# Untar the downloaded installer and run it to install BOSCO on the current machine. For example:<pre>
[fakhan@lxplus030 ~]$ tar -xvf boscoinstaller.tar.gz

[fakhan@lxplus030 ~]$ ./boscoinstaller
Downloading BOSCO from
Installing BOSCO in ~/bosco
Installing Condor from /tmp/fakhan/tmpbEI905/condor-8.6.6-x86_64_RedHat6-stripped to /afs/

Condor has been installed into:

Configured condor using these configuration files:
global: /afs/
local: /afs/

In order for Condor to work properly you must set your CONDOR_CONFIG
environment variable to point to your Condor configuration file:
/afs/ before running Condor
Created a script you can source to setup your Condor environment
variables. This command must be run each time you log in or may
be placed in your login scripts:
source /afs/

Congratulations, you installed BOSCO succesfully!
# Create a _.bosco_ directory. For exmaple, <pre>
[fakhan@lxplus030 ~]$ mkdir ~/.bosco
# If you do not have an existing key pair to access BOSCO_HOST (in our case, _cori.nersc.gov_), generate a passwordless rsa key. Just press enter twice with no password when it prompts for one. Note it is important to name the key bosco_key.rsa: <pre>
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/bosco_key.rsa
</pre> *If you already have a key pair, there is no need to generate a new one*
# If you do have an existing key pair to access BOSCO_HOST (in our case, _cori.nersc.gov_), copy it to your ssh directory and name it bosco_key. For example, your ~/.ssh/ directory should resemble this: <pre>
[fakhan@lxplus030 ~]$ ls -al ~/.ssh/
total 99
drwx------. 3 fakhan def-cg 2048 Sep 13 19:59 .
drwxr-xr-x. 17 fakhan def-cg 4096 Sep 19 22:32 ..
-rw-------. 1 fakhan zh 1671 Sep 12 00:38 bosco_key.rsa
-rw-------. 1 fakhan zh 405 Sep 12 00:42
-rw-------. 1 fakhan zh 1743 Feb 1 2017 id_rsa
-rw-r--r--. 1 fakhan zh 408 Feb 1 2017
-rw-r--r--. 1 fakhan def-cg 83355 Sep 18 19:17 known_hosts
# Source the bosco environment temporarily.
[fakhan@lxplus055 ~]$ source ~/bosco/bosco_setenv

h3. NERSC specific configuration instructions

h2. GlideinWMS frontend configuration

h2. GlideinWMS factory configuration