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Anselmo Cervera, 11/14/2018 05:48 AM

Download and install the HighLAND framework

We are in the process of finding the best possible configuration in terms of repository, building system, documentation, etc. The framework is temporarily available in a gitLab repository in Valencia. For the moment CMT is used as building system. Being this the building system used in T2K the transition is simpler.

Install in two simple steps

The easiest way of installing and compiling everything is by getting the and scripts (from the bottom of this page under >files).
The INSTALL script download all packages and compiles, while the setup script configures the environment variables, as ROOTSYS, which tells the system where ROOT is.
Notice that the setup script depends on the machine. The one below is suitable for the DUNE machines at fermilab. Other setup scripts will be added soon.

IMPORTANT: Since the git protocol has been changed in Valencia, to download highland from fermilab machines you should go to the ones with SL7, as So please use this machine to do the installation. You can later login into a different machine (e.g. with SL6) for recompiling or running.

The installation is done in few simple steps. First create a folder (i.e. HIGHLAND, or ANALYSIS) where you will put everything (CMT + HighLAND framework). Go inside that directory and save there the and scripts that you can find at the bottom of this page. Or get them with wget


Then just type:


This will download and compile all packages and produce the executables that we can run. To run an example and produce your first HighLAND plots
with DUNE (or ProtoDUNE) MC data have a look at example (protoDUNEexample )

Setup the environment when the installation has been done previously

If you already did the installation in a previous session (run, you don't need to do it again. Just go inside your installation directory and source the script


Then go inside the cmt folder of the top level package
(substitute protoDuneExampleAnalysis by duneExampleAnalysis if you one to do analysis in the 10 kton detector)

cd highland2/protoDuneExampleAnalysis/v0r0/cmt

If you want to recompile just type

cmt broadcast make

finally just source the script such that few environment variables are set