Wiki for gm2util

Overview of the Package

gm2util consists of common algorithms that are shared among the calorimeter and tracker detectors software.


  • common - contains generic tools for managing histograms, naming of the data structure, handling the fhicl parameters, etc.
  • filters - contains filtering-based modules.
  • FillBuilder - groups single particle events together to build a muon fill. The Geant4 objects (gm2ringsim data products) which works with the FillBuilder are:
  1. TrackingActionArtRecord
  2. CaloArtRecord
  3. XtalArtRecord
  4. LookupArtRecord
  5. StrawArtRecord

Notes for users/developers (useful until gm2util becomes part of the official software)

  • the working feature branch is strawTrackReconstruction for gm2util
  • to keep track of the primary particle and its daughter particles in the fill, the above gm2ringsim dataproducts have been modified. The member eventNumInFill is added to the data products. This is needed for matching the particle's hits in a detector to the primary particle at injection.
  • The working feature branches for the official packages:
  • gm2ringsim - CoordSystemService
  • gm2geom - strawTrackReconstruction
  • Example of implementing the FillBuilder in a fhicl file. See lines 47-54.