User manual

The user manuals can be found here:


When connecting via telnet to the MCH, the login and password are both root.


Make sure that an ethernet cable is plugged into both the 10/100 and GbE0 ports (at least on the Vadatech UTC002).

Set MCH IP address

Via uUSB

  1. Connect micro USB from MCH to laptop with gtkterm.
  2. Run sudo gtkterm
  3. In Configuration, set Port to be the MCH device (find via dmesg if required, on Tom's laptop it showed up as /dev/ttyACM1) and Baud rate as 19200
  4. Type h to see available commands
  5. Type ip to access MCH IP address settings
  6. Set IP as desired and press enter, then save settings

Via telnet

If the MCH already has an IP address, connect to it via telnet:

telnet <ip>

Log in with root and root as user and password.

Then edit the file /etc/rc.d/rc.conf to change the settings and restart crate. Not many editors are available, you can use "vi" but be aware it the commands aren't the same as SLF6 vi. To replace a character, move cursor to that character, type "r" then the character you want. To insert a character, move cursor to the desired position, type "i" then the character you want. Save and exit as usual (ESC :wq ENTER).

Note that a vadatech UTC002 default (factor settings) IP address may be

Check communication

As well as ping and telnet, can request a basic info response from MCH as follows:

ipmitool -H <MCH IP address> -U '' -P '' mc info

You should see something like this:

Device ID                 : 1
Device Revision           : 1
Firmware Revision         : 0.00
IPMI Version              : 2.0
Manufacturer ID           : 23858
Manufacturer Name         : Unknown (0x5D32)
Product ID                : 33573 (0x8325)
Product Name              : Unknown (0x8325)
Device Available          : yes
Provides Device SDRs      : yes
Additional Device Support :
    Sensor Device
    SDR Repository Device
    SEL Device
    FRU Inventory Device
    IPMB Event Receiver
    IPMB Event Generator
    Chassis Device

This MCH command doesn't require anything else to be connected (e.g. AMC13), so is a good simple test of the health of the MCH itself.

MCH web interface

The MCH provides a web interface for checking its status and editing its settings. To access it via firefox using the MCHs 10/100 IP address at port 8080, e.g.

http://<MCH IP address>:8080/