Reconstructing Tracks with Release Code

To use our default reconstruction code, you don't need to checkout and compile any code. Instead, you can just use cvmfs. To setup the code:

>source /cvmfs/

This should give the following output:
g-2 software

--> To list gm2 releases, type
ups list -aK+ gm2

--> To use the latest release, do
setup gm2 v7_06_06 -q prof

For more information, see

Then follow the instructions to use the latest release (at the time of writing, v7_06_06):

>setup gm2 v7_06_06 -q prof

First, we must unpack the data from its midas format e.g. for the first subrun of run 7448

>gm2 -c StrawUnpacker.fcl -s gm2_run07448_00000.mid

This produces an output file StrawUnpacker_1.root which contains StrawDigits. We can run reconstruction on this:

>gm2 -c RunTrackingDAQ.fcl -s StrawUnpacker_1.root

The output file from this, gm2tracker_daq_full.root, contains all our art data products. To make our default suite of plots:

>gm2 -c RunTrackingPlots.fcl -s gm2tracker_daq_full.root

The plots are in trackRecoPlots.root.