Test Beam Information

ATLYS Boards

We have two ATLYS boards that are allowed to connect to the public FNAL network.

Board-1 : serial # D458611, mac-address: 00-18-3E-01-5A-E4, i/p address:, network and ipbus identifier: gm2-atlys-1

Board-2 : serial # D458612, mac-address: 00-18-3E-01-5A-E5, i/p address:, network and ipbus identifier: gm2-atlys-2

Default gateway address:
Primary name server:
Network mask:

gm2-atlys-2 is presently connected to the chamber with a blue ethernet cable with labels: "PIQ1-2" "V". This cable is connected to i.e. is gm2-atlys-2.

There is also a second ethernet cable (in the test-beam hall) not connected to the ATLYS with labels: "PIQI-2" "U". This cable is a direct cable into the control room that can, if needs be, be connected to the private ethernet (eth1) card on ftbflx03 that has an I/P address i.e. is gm2-atlys-tb.

eth1 has an address:

At present this eth1 connection is being used by the test ATLYS board.

IPBus software

Is installed on and will be showed shortly on other machines. This was installed by Geoff Savage ()

We can log into ftblx03 using the "ftbf_user" account i.e. via ssh -l
There is also a "gm2" account. We will use the ftbf_user account since MIDAS code is also here.

We have been added to the kerberos authentication for these two accounts.

The IPBus default code is, as usual, in /opt/cactus/

The fixed version and the root ($GM2_ROOT) of our code is in: /home/nfs/ftbf_user/experiments/t1042 i.e. ~/experiments/t1042.

This is where we have installed "cactus" and "gm2-tracker-readout-daq" as per DAQ1 @ UCL.