ProfessorTreeDumper Files

The ProfessorTreeDumper art module creates simple ROOT trees with straw and scintillator data being generated from the test stand at lab 3 that can be analysed with ROOT alone for those that prefer not to use art.

It is not intended that these files are used for full analyses, but rather for small scale studies.

See the run log here for details on the cosmic test stand runs.

Running the module

The module is currently in gm2tracker/teststand in the feature/StrawTrackReconststruction branch. It should be run on unpacked data. A fcl file "Lab3TreeDumper.fcl" can be found in the gm2tracker/fcl directory.

Dumped Trees

Trees that have been dumped are on the bluearc data disk at FNAL: /gm2/data/t1042-straws/lab3-teststand

Descriptions of particular files:

  • Lab3TreeDumper_00695_00696_00697_00698_00699_00702_00706_00707_00708.root
    • 2 straw modules (1,2) + scintillator data from runs 695, 696, 697, 698, 699, 702, 706, 707, 708
    • 700k events (fills), 65M straw hits

Data format

There are two trees in each ROOT file - one for straw data and one for scintillator data. In each tree, each event is one hit with the following data:

  • Run Number
  • Event Number
  • Event Trigger Time
  • Hit Time within Event [ns]
  • Station/tracker Number (0)
  • Module Number (0-2)
  • View Number (within view) (0=U,1=V)
  • Layer Number (within view) (0-1)
  • Wire Number (within layer) (0-31)


A short ROOT macro can be found attached that will open one of the files and make two very simple example plots.