Production DAQ

This page is an in-progress set of useful notes being made during the development of the production DAQ system. It will form a user guide once the system is more mature.

AMC13 info

Control hubs

AMC13s require an IPBus control hub to be running in order to connect to them, otherwise you will see messages like this:

05-01-16 07:31:55.223838 [7f36abce7700] ERROR - Connection refused for ControlHub at "localhost:10203". URI="chtcp-2.0://localhost:10203?target=localhost:50002" 

Info can be found here.

Basically just start a control hub using controlhub_start (as root/sudo). For DAQ machines it might be good to have this done automatically at boot.

Logic boards

Baud rate is 125000 for new logic boards. Need new version of gtkterm to set this nonstandard version (write it in box, doesn't appear in drop down box).



When you open a port (such as a USB port) with gtkterm, it creates a lock file in /var/lock to stop other people accessing the same port simultaneously. If you cannot create this lock, you will not be able to connect.

There are two lock errors known:

  • Lock already exists - means that either someone else is using the port already, or a gtkterm bad shutdown has left one which must manually be removed
  • Cannot create lock - means you don't have permissions to write to /dev/loc. Either use root/sudo to speak to someone who has