Loading The LV Arduino Code

Download the latest ARDUINO IDE (we have used version 1.8.1) from here:
This runs with JAVA SE 7 but comes with an "avrdude" and "avrdude.conf" files that are not compatible with the LV programmer cable. So 2011(!) versions of "avrdude" and "avrdude.conf" must be used. Copies of these files are below. They should be copied to:


Connect the programming cable to the MAC's USB and the board.

Then you can fire up the arduino IDE and do: File> Open and open one of the following:

gm2trackerdaq/hardware/LV_firmware/ACDCcontroller/ACDCcontroller.ino  # for the arduino in the ACDC crate
gm2trackerdaq/hardware/LV_firmware/masterv2/masterv2.ino  # for the arduino on the LV controller
gm2trackerdaq/hardware/LV_firmware/slave/slave.ino  # for the LV (power) board

In "Tools" you then need to select the correct "Board:" and "Processor" and "Programmer".
  • The Programmer is "AVRISP mkii"
    The Board/Processor types:
  • For the LV controller this is: "Board: Arduino/Genuine Mega or Mega 2560" and "Processor: ATMEGEA2560 (Mega 2560)"
  • For the LV (power) board this is: "Board: Arduino Pro or Pro Mini" and "Processor: ATmega328 (5V, 16MHz)"
  • For the ACDC board this is: "Board:Arduino/Genuino Uno" and there is no need to select the processor since there is only one.

Then having selected the correct board/processor you upload via:
Sketch > Upload Using Programmer

If successful it should say "Done uploading"

New Firmware Status (completed on):

  • LVC: LVC4, LVC5, LVC6, LVC7, LVC8
  • LVP: LVP9, LVP15, LVP20, LVP22, LVP23, LVP24, LVP11, LVP12, LVP13, LVP14, LVP16, LVP18, LVP19, LVP21, LVP32, LVP29, LVP28, LVP17, LVP26, LVP30, LVP31, LVP25
  • ACDC 36 V: Crate 0, Crate 1, Crate 2