Logic boards



Benchtop settings

If powering via a benchtop supply, use these settings:

  • +5V channel -> 5V, 3A current limit (connect send to +ve and return to -ve)
  • -5V channel -> -5V, 1.2A current limit (connect send to -ve and return to +ve)

If you;re having problems with trips during start up, increase the current limit by 10%.

The -5V channel is only required if ASDQs are connected.

USB SC Commands

Connect to the USB using baud rate 125000 if using direct USB connection, or 115200 if connecting via the LV.

When connected, see a list of cvommands by typing help.

The logic board returns "Bad command" (lower case c) if the command is unrecognised. The TDCs return "Bad Command" (upper case C), so you can use this to check if you are in the LB or TDC shell.