Gm2 simulations lessons learned

Removing a repository checkout in gm2 simulations

If you want to remove some git repo checkout in your srcs directory (in your gm2 work space), just deleting it is now enough. This is because the mrb checkout process also adds a line corresponding to this directory to your top-level src/CMakeLists.txt file. This must be deleted manually or else the "source mrb setEnv" command will fail due to the missing repo.

An example of the kind of error seen is (where gm3sandbox was the removed repo):

Couldn't open /gm2/app/users/stuttard/gm2Dev201402/srcs/gm2sandbox/ups/product_deps at /cvmfs/ line 77.

The line in src/CMakeLists.txt that was removed to fix the issue was: