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h1. Field DAQ 101

This document is intended to provide a rough overview of the software components used in the fiel daq and where to find the corresponding code.

h2. Introduction

In general, all frontends (fe1, fe2, fe3) and the backend have the daq code in: @~/Gm2FieldOnline/gm2fielddaq@. This is the part we mainly modify. This builds on top of midas which we have in@ ~/Packages/gm2midas@. Once that's installed and the environment is set up right (through @.bashrc@ calling @.midasrc@) we hopefully never need to touch that.

h2. Frontends

The frontend code is in @~Gm2FieldOnline/gm2fielddaq/frontends@. They all use the libraries in @~Gm2FieldOnline/gm2fielddaq/hardware-interfaces@ which only needs to be rebuilt (and INSTALLED) if we make hardware changes what's much less common. The frontends are built inside the corresponding folder. No @install@ is required.

h3. Special case: Fixed-Probes

The fixed probes are kind of special because they need essentially the offline code including the gm2fieldsignal-library for the online freq extraction that is then used in the feedback. This code is in @Gm2FieldOnline/srcs/...@.

h2. Midas

Our "midas-server" runs on @g2field-be@.

h3. Custom Parts

The custom code is located in @Gm2FieldOnline/gm2fielddaq/online/custom@ and the scripts used to start, kill, restart parts including frontends and dqm are in @Gm2FieldOnline/gm2fielddaq/online/bin@.

h3. ODB

To look at the ODB and edit just a few single keys the simplest way is the web interface (@mhttpd@) -> ODB menu point. (@mhttpd@). To edit larger blocks, restore the ODB, move or copy parts the program @odbedit@ in @g2field-be@ can be used.

h2. DQM

The art jobs of the dqm run on @g2field-be@. The working directory for that is @Gm2FieldOnline/DQMWorkplace@. The used art modules are in @Gm2FieldOnline/srcs/gm2field/dqm@ while the nodes servers for displaying the dqm are in @Gm2FieldOnline/srcs/gm2dqm/node@. We run the nodes either on @g2field-be@ or @g2field-server-2@.