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Brendan Kiburg, 04/07/2019 01:13 PM

Field Data Production

The Definition of the Datasets by the Omega_a team are listed on the Production Wiki: In talking with the analyzers, it makes sense for us to define our interpolation datasets from the end of the 1st trolley run that bookends the omega_a set, until the start of the last trolley run following the dataset.
Details of 9-day dataset runs are in UW General Field Team elog 1317.
Details of 60hr dataset runs are in UW General Field Team elog 1316.

The first official release is v9_20_00. This is the version that has been released via /cvmfs and is verified to be stable and up-to-date.

Details of the fcl file configuration and runtime files used for each production run are listed in additional pages linked in the Comments section.

version num files file location Fixed probe runs Full trolley runs Partial trolley runs Official datasets included DQC Comments
v9_19_01 177 /data2/newg2/DataProduction/
[4164 - 4177]
[4193 - 4222]
[4229 - 4262]
[4283 - 4366]
? 9 day n Trolley runs 4717-5169 being reprocessed.
v9_20_00 n/a /data1/newg2/DataProduction/Offline/ArtTFSDir/v9_20_00
Trolley: /data1/newg2/DataProduction/GridProductionFiles/v9_20_00
[3958-3995] [3956-3957] done
[3958] in progress
[3996-3998] later saturday
in progress 60-hr n/a Runtime details

Production scripts

Instructions for running grid production jobs yourself are on this page.