Field Team Computing Wiki

In this Wiki we give general details on miscellaneous topics that are useful for computing work relating to the field team.

Kerberos Ticket

To open a ticket to access the Fermilab machines, the user needs a Kerberos ticket. To do so, type the following in a terminal:

kinit user@FNAL.GOV

You will be prompted for your password. Replace 'user' with your FNAL computing username. This is the first step required in accessing any FNAL remote computer system.

SSH Configuration

To facilitate easier access to the magnetic field computers, we setup our ~/.ssh/config file to have the commands as indicated in the attached text file. To do so, download the attached file and save it to ~/.ssh/config. Replace all instances of 'user' with your username. This configuration file will allow streamlined access to the analysis machines g2field-server, g2field-server-2, and g2field-workstation. As a rule, do not do any data analysis on the backend machine, g2field-be, since that is the source machine that controls the other DAQ machines.

Downloading Data

If you would like to download data to your local machine, you may do so using either of the two options below. If you want to copy a single file, replace the asterisk shown below with the file name. Comments detailing what is happening are given after the hashtags below.

Secure File Transfer Protocol

To use secure file transfer protocol (sftp), do the following after establishing a valid Kerberos ticket:

sftp g2field-server # logs the user into an sftp session on the machine g2field-server
cd /data1/newg2/QualityRun1 # change directories to the QualityRun1 directory
get * # copies *all* data to your local machine

Secure Copy

To copy data to your machine using secure copy (scp), do the following after establishing a valid Kerberos ticket:

In a terminal, navigate to the directory of choice on your local machine where you want to store the data. Then, type:

scp g2field-server:/data1/newg2/QualityRun1/* . # copies *all* data to your current directory on your machine